Mellow Yellow – High Fashion Shoes

Mellow Yellow shoes are a gorgeous range of shoes launched in Paris by Parisian Bruno Van Gaver in 2003. He chose to name his iconic shoes Mellow Yellow after the 1960’s song by English vocal artist Donovan. This song was very laid back soft, bright and popular and this was the impression that Van Gaver wanted his shoes to portray.

The brand was well received by the trendy, fashionable set and in that same year Mellow Yellow shoes opened their first shop in one of the most fashionable shopping neighborhoods of Paris. The first collection offered a great variety of fashionable styles, but were not meant for casual everyday wearing and was aimed at the high end of the fashion professional market. After that first collection was introduced to the fashion industry professionals, the company decided to rethink the designs and made them more wearable and available to a wider, more casual market. The new, more affordable, styles were an immediate success and the spirit of Mellow Yellow was born.

Although fairly new to the footwear scene, Mellow Yellow has now opened markets all over the world and their beautiful designs are much sought after by fashionable women from all walks of life. There is a Mellow Yellow design to suit whatever you are wearing, from smart, chic, formal suits to casual, laid back leisure outfits. Whether you are looking for low boots, high boots, sandals, ballet flats, loafers or even slippers you will find it hard to settle on one pair. All of these shoes come in a variety of soles – flat, heeled and wedges to name a few and also in a variety of gorgeous colours from cheerful yellows to romantic pinks and classic blacks and browns.

As well as their many stunning women’s shoes, Mellow Yellow has also launched a fabulous range of children’s shoes which will brighten any little girl’s wardrobe. There are sandals and flip-flops for kids in a range of colours from brown to silver and pumps in pink, purple, white or almost any colour to set off every party dress.

Mellow Yellow shoes are created from the finest materials and manufactured to exacting standards that definitely make any outfit shine. The shoes are particularly popular with the trendy professional woman who wants to make an impression and you will never be disappointed if you decide to add a pair to your wardrobe. The hardest thing about choosing the right pair for you is narrowing your selection down to just one pair. The formal style shoes look great at a board meeting, social event or just shopping in the city. If you are after something more casual to wear with your favourite pair of jeans to the beach, park or local coffee shop you will also have many styles to choose from, such as flat boots, loafers or heeled boots.

Mellow Yellow footwear is available on line or in leading shoe stores in countries all over the world and have a passionate following for their beautiful, trendy shoes and boots.

Make a Lasting Impression With These Underwear Styles at Your Interview

When you have just passed college and are looking for a suitable job, there are certain things that you look into. After all, while appearing for interviews, it is not only the experience or knowledge that the panel of interviewees would be looking at. If you really want to get the attention that you deserve, you have to make some extra efforts. It is one of the most special times of your life that states your future and living. Your overall personality matters a lot when it is about sitting for an interview and when it is about the overall personality, your choice of men’s underwear styles matters too.

This article talks about the fashion underwear styles that possibly could make a difference when you appear for your interview.

Talking about the most conventional of all styles, brief underwear for men has been a personal favorite. Being the staple diet in below the belt fashion, the tighty whiteys add to the confidence because it is all about support to the male anatomy. You can find in various fabrics, cuts, designs and more to choose from.

For men who can try something sexier (not over the board), men’s bikinis are the right option. With no protruding edges, you get a seamless fit with the traditional support of the brief in the respective style. With a variety of variants available at men’s underwear online stores, you can pick the one that calls for personality.

Boxer briefs
Now that’s what a lot of men look up to when it is something or someplace where you need the support, comfort, enhancement and everything that a masculine approach needs. Being the best gift for the male anatomy, boxer brief underwear is also the most comforting one if you talk about the cooler months. With the best of all the possible features, you get to have the best feeling down there.

It was way back that men’s jockstrap underwear was considered only for sports or workouts. Nowadays, this style is available in equal numbers for fashion purposes. With brands offering the adequate support with the confidence-boosting techniques, you can put your faith in the designer underwear style for the features that can make you look good. With leg bands that enhance your butts and the pouch that acts as pouch enhancing underwear, they can be worn every day as well as in times when both fashion and function are necessary.

This respective style has always been either on the criticism end or considered the sexiest style of them all. But, the advantages of having male thongs are more than you think. Always considered as a novelty for women, men do not lack behind. With the minimal fabric coverage, all you get is the sexiness, confidence, focus on the manhood and round butts.